Life Threatening Diseases


The cornerstone of our program is based on the work of renowned oncologist Dr Carl Simonton. His approach to the human being was to see them as a whole: body, mind and spirit. By integrating psychological factors with medical treatments he found that his patients had a survival rate twice as long as the survival times reported from other leading cancer centres who used traditional medical treatments only.

Our complimentary program uses the Simonton approach. It is not a substitute for appropriate medical therapies. It is intended to support and enhance the medical treatments given to you. We believe that you need to participate actively in combating your disease and to not undergo the treatments in a passive manner.

No matter where you are on your journey to beat your disease, we want to help you succeed. That is where we come in.

A five day inclusive program is offered at our Retreat:

  • We believe that having a support person at your side is very helpful.
  • It is for this reason that married couples should bring their spouse.
  • If you are single, you have to come with your most significant other if possible.
  • If you have no one it is still fine if you come alone.
  • You need to take a break from your daily stress situation of your illness.
  • By getting away from it all, you might view your illness from a different angle.

Main points of consultation

A unique purposeful goal setting plan of action will be developed for you personally.
Coping with your life threatening illness.
Coping with fear, pain and side effects of the treatments.
Coping with emotional stress and it’s impact on our immune system.
Coping with facing the fear of death.
Spouse or support person counselling.

We teach you to use your imagination and your powerful mind to support your physical and mental health.
We use techniques such as hypnosis (optional), self hypnosis, meditation.
Whilst we are not a support group you will certainly feel supported by the contents of the work we do with you.

Our program is also adapted to stroke or heart attack patients.

Details of our extensive Program

Due to the nature of our work, all sessions are private to ensure highly personal attention.

Please note: Our sessions are not covered by medical aids.

All too often we are chained to negative experiences that happened in our past

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