Strength For Life Retreat

Escaping the chains of trauma

Severe trauma or dangerous diseases impact our life. Taking an active role in the healing process is crucial. Developing coping strategies are correlated with survival. If your "fighting spirit" can be supported with everything else that the health profession has to offer, then why not embrace it?

After the diagnosis of a life threatening disease we have to be strong. During treatment we have to be strong. After treatment you still have to be strong. After surviving a very traumatic experience of life threatening dimensions you have to be strong for life. This strength lies in all of us.

Our programs are developed to assist people who have been diagnosed with cancer, suffered a stroke or heart attack, as well as victims of crime.

Karen Hypnotherapist South Africa

About Us

Karen is a South African by birth. Oleg was born in the Ukraine. Both of us are certified Hypnotherapists. Our experience with crime related trauma and life threatening diseases has made us realise that there is a need for this kind of therapy in South Africa.
We speak: English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

All too often we are chained to negative experiences that happened in our past

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